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Late Model Pharmaceutical/Cosmetics Packaging Lines and Plant Related Assets
Langton, Ontario,

New - Never Installed, Late-Model Pharmacetucial/Cosmetics Packaging Equipment, Including: Cartoners, Case Packers, Stretch Wrapper, Case Sealers, Centrifuges, C02 Extraction System, Metal Detector, Laboratory Equipment, Boilers & Plant Related Assets, Packaging Materials (New Bottles and Caps), and Much More!

(3) ADCO Vertical Glue Rotary Cartoner, Model Compact 4-SS,  stainless steel, 8-pocket quick size adjust starwheel w/ capable of speeds up to 60 CPM. Has a carton size range: 2.63in. - 6in. (length) x 1in. - 3in. (width) x 4in. - 8in. (depth). Serial Number 6005HG. Universal Robots pick and place robot bottle/product loader, Model UR30, ser. no. 20195300092, Nordson MiniBlue II glue applicator, Nordson hot melt, Model ProBlue 4, ser. no. SA18M51922 w/ Nordson Spectra30 pattern control, ser. no. JC19B17320, and AB PanelView Plus 600 touch screen controls c/w attachments (NEW 2019 - never installed)
Case Packers
(2) ARPAC Automatic Top Loading Case Packer, Model Arbot 500 with Yaskawa Robot. Capable of speeds up to 15 picks peer minute. 6-axis 12KG. MH-12 Case Packing Robot. Robot is a Yaskawa pick and place robot, Model YR-1-06VX8-A00, ser. no. K18334-588-4 (2018) w/ control panel c/w Arpac Arbot 500 control panel, (2) QC Ind. belt conveyors, power, approx. 12 in. x 7 ft. and 4 in. x 210 in. and safety cage (NEW 2018 - never installed).
Stretch Wrapper
ARPAC Stretch Wrapper Model EWA EZ Load. Capable of up to 15 RPM or 25-55 loads per hour. Max load size: 53in.W x 53in.L. Film Roll Diameter: 2-in. standard. Load height range: up to 80in.H. ser. no. 16973 (NEW - never installed)
Case Sealers
(2) Loveshaw (Little David) Automatic case Erector and Bottom Sealer, Model CF25T/60. Right Handed box configuration. Machine is capable of speeds up to 10 cases per minute. Has a case Size Range: 6in. - 16in. (length); 6in. - 14in. (width); 4in. - 12in. (depth). Load-on-the-fly powered hopper with 95-count RSC case capacity. Quick case size change overs.  ser. no. 481251625T/60, 1/3 hp, up to 14W x 16L x 12H in. (NEW - never installed)
(2) Loveshaw (Little David) Top Tape Case Sealer, Model LD24/2.  Capable of speeds up to 22 CPM (depending on application). Case size range: 8in. - 24in. (Length) 6in. - 18in. (Width) 4-1/2in. - 18in.. Has side belt case feed and automatic flap closer.  ser. no. 4810090LD24/2, 1/6 hp (NEW - never installed)

Alfa Laval Centrifuge, Model BTPX205-SGD-34CDP-50, ser. no. 4091604, 6.5 kW w/ Watson Marlow 604s peristaltic pump, EH flow meter, control panel w/ AB PanelView Plus 700 controls, misc. valves and filters w/ casters

C02 Extraction System
Econ Technologies CO2 Extraction System, incld. twin city fan and blower, model RBO-SW, S/N 18-727823-1-1, size 921, 50 hp premium efficiency motor, filter chambers w/ magnehelic gauges, economizer, S/N 5682-2106-2, NB. 2609, BTU/HR 2362812, daikin vision air handler, model CAC023GVAM, S/N FB0U180600567, AFC buffer tank, 1900 gal. capactiy, and (3) twin city fan and blowers, model HIB-SW, size 220, w/ 50 hp motors (2018)
Metal Detector
Mettler Toledo metal detector Model SL1500, ser. no. 8419101 (2015), stainless steel, approx. 6 in. x 8 in., approx. 4 in. x 48 in. belt conveyor w/ casters
Laboratory Equipment
Waters SFE apparatus cart incl.: (1) Waters back pressure regulator, Model ABPR-200, (1) Waters level sensor module, Model 05232, (2) Waters temperature controllers, Model 279003183, (1) Waters SFE Heat Exchanger - 2000, Model 279003153, (1) Waters SFE heat exchange - 1000, Model 279003152, (1) Waters P-200B pump, (1) Waters P-50A pump, (1) Siemens Sitran FC Mass 2100 flow sensor w/ controller, etc.
PerkinElmer Flexar HPLC system, incl.: PerkinElmer PDA Plus detector, Model Flexar, w/ PerkinElmer column oven, Model Flexar, and PerkinElmer LC pump, Model Flexar, and PerkinElmer LC autosampler, Model Flexar Peltier LC, (2018) and PerkinElmer 5-channel solvent manager, Model Flexar, sc/w Dell Optiplex 3050 I5 desktop, software, Ametek Powervar 12 battery back
Buchi Chromatography System, model PrepChrom C-700
Buchi Rotavapor Rotary Evaporator, model R-300 HL, w/Buchi interface, model I-300 Pro, and Buchi heating bath, model B-300 Base (2015)
Buchi vacuum pump, model V-300 (2015)
Buchi Recirculating Chiller, model F-305 (2015)
PolyScience WhisperCool recirculating chiller, Model 6160T21A130D
Julabo recirculating chiller, Model FL601
(2) ATG peristaltic pumps, Model FT Drive YZ2515X, stainless steel c/w ATG AF600 touch screen control
Troemner ss cylinder calibration test weight 5KG, density 7.85g/ cm3, ser. no. 1000172226
(2) Troemner ss cylinder calibration test weights, 2 KG each, density 7.85g/ cm3, ser. nos. 137129, 137130
Eagle Micro Syst. Dual-cylinder scale, Model DMS302,
Mettler Toledo metal detector Model SL1500
Mettler Toledo Balance, model MS104TS/00
(2) VWR pipettes with stand
VWR large capacity stirrer, Model 12621-058.
(2) label rewinders
Markem Image inkjet coder, Model 5600/5800
Shel Lab force air oven, Model SM028-2
Eagle Micro Systems Dual-cylinder scale, Model DMS302
Chromaflow column, stainless steel, approx. 26 in. dia. x 30 in.
Amersham Biotech UV/pH/Conductivity transmitter, stainless steel c/w flow meter, misc. peristaltic pumps w/ casters
ChemGlass chemical reactor, Model HCM-0711-070PS, jacketed, 30L cap. w/ CG-2077-M 25.4mm mixer, OptiChem CG-2033 motor control and OptiChem temperature monitor
(3) Dorner belt conveyors, Model ER2200 Series, power, approx. 6 in. x 98 in. (NEW - never installed)
Boilers / Plant Related Assets – New 2018
(4) Unilux boiler, Model ZF800W, LNG, 8270 MBH w/ Weishaudt burner, Model WM-G30/1-A ZM c/w AI Data Grow control panel w/ Weishaudt controller (NEW – Installed but never fired up)
Cook blower, Model 270QMX,15/39 cfm
Packaging Material – New Bottles and Caps
(3 pallets/33 cases x 200 ea. = 6600) MediPlast PRT round white bottles, 250cc, p/n R25014
(2 pallets/12 cases x 600 ea. = 7200) Dram 30 round white bottles, straight sided, 53/400 air tight, child proof, p/n J3053PE
(1 pallet/18 cases x 750 ea. = 13500) MoldRite CR53 plastic white caps, p/n C53HL4 (fits lots 140, 141 and 147)
(1 pallet/3 cases x 1100 ea. = 3300) Dynamic white pouch, 28g, p/n BG8X6X263-SW
(1 pallet/20 cases x 1000 ea. = 20000) Dynamic white pouch, 3.5g, p/n BG362X586X15-SW
(2 pallets/36 cases x 640 ea. = 23040) Alpha BR/SS 20-B white oil bottles, p/n B1520PI
(1 pallet) incl. 6 cases x 990 ea. = 5940 Alpha amber oil bottles, 30 ml; 3 cases x 1300 ea. = 3900 Boston round white oil bottles; 6 cases x 4000 ea. Integrated dosing caps, 20mm
(11 pallets/24 cases x 187 ea. = 4488) Alpha 53-A dry round white bottles, 400cc, RD/SS, p/n 400RND53W
(1 pallet/10 cases x 3500 ea. + 1 case x 2000 = 37000) Comar oral dispensers, 1 ml

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